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Why Food Tours Vienna is special.

We are passionate about Austrian food and wine and want to show the world how delicious it can be.

 Our goal

Our goal is to get you an inside look into local products & cuisine and leave you with a memorable trip.

 You will learn about the region's the food & wine comes from, how it is made, what place it takes in our life, the influences of neighbor countries and of course how good it tastes.

Our tours are made for small groups up to max. 12 guests. That makes it a lot more comfortable for you. We are open to any questions about the food we eat or the wine we taste.

You don't have to follow a guide carrying an umbrella and scream through a megaphone.

Our experience

With our experience in what we do based on our gastronomic background we love to speak the whole day about food and wine and keep searching for the best products we can get. Also we are not just another tour company to show you a place to eat a „Wiener Schnitzel“ or a Sacher cake.

We believe in good service so we won't accept anything else for our guests.

Our authenticity makes us special in many ways. From an historic coffee house to the last butcher in downtown you will experience the very charming side of Vienna.

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